Sunday, February 1, 2009


Right from my childhood, I have not been a very big fan of any sport. I used to watch cricket, on and off, only One day matches, as I cannot sit through an entire test match or series, but I am always curious to know the results. Apart from this Olympics, tennis, gymnastics and car racings have always inspired me. But I have never had the passion to keep a track of any of these sports.

Not too long ago, my interest factor changed. I started watching Tennis, regularly, keeping track of everything happening in the sport, following them closely, and finally fell in love with the sport. Needless to say, I am so very much amazed at the energy level every single player has, in every single shot. But for tennis, I am slowly and steadily getting pulled into watching basketball, American Football, and soccer also. Thanks to my better half, a sports fanatic, for marketing these into my life!

I started writing this blog, minutes after I finished watching the Australian open 2009. Oh Man….. I woke up at 3.30 AM to experience the live telecast of the finals past two days (not to forget, it’s Saturday morning and Sunday morning), on a usual day, I can call this time midnight!!!
The women’s finals did not even last for an hour, it was so pre written that Serena wins it. Not a thrilling match, so one sided. The men’s finals, I have no words to explain this experience. Two BIGTIME players, hitting every single ball they face, with energy, determination, dream, hope, rage, etc..Nadal, No. 1 in the world today, and Federer, No.1 till a few months back, but King of this sport. I still am a very big fan of Roger, and I like Rafael too very much, for all the shots he plays. And first time in history a Spaniard won the Aussie open, such a proud moment. But I sincerely wanted Roger to take this and come in par with Pete Sampras's records. Though it did not happen, it sure was a treat to my eyes, for 4 full hours, following them closely, getting disappointed, cheering, getting emotional, and all sorts of mixed things. Wow…what a match it was…
And another proud moment for India too, Sania and Bhupathi won the mixed doubles. I am so happy!!
I just hope and pray that I get to go for a grand slam in person, to get the feel of it, to be a part of it, and keep it in my memories forever in life!

I am so glad I fell for this sport in particular. Now, be it any sport, the amount of time and dedication, and practice and energy spent by every sing player, is no match to any word. They bring so much of pride to their country, to their family, to their fans. They sure are very inspirational in so many ways.
Long live Sports!!


Murali said...


U forgot to mention about another the great Indian moment in the Australian Open. India won the Junior Boys Singles Championship. Though this event is not very well documented as say Men's singles and Women's singles, talks about the great future Indica could have.

Reflections said...

There used to be a time when I used to watch Pete Sampras very religiously......he seemed invincable then. Then Federer came along & showed his metal. The men's matches as u mentioned used to electric & one cdnt take their eyes of them while they fought it out for every single point. I remember crying when Sampras lost his matches. My Idol who I worshipped was only human after all:-)

Good post!!!!! Ur enthusiasm reminded me of old times:-)). I dont watch the matches anymore but still keep track who wins the championships:-)).

durga said...

Thanks Reflections!!!