Saturday, August 23, 2008


I am truly inspired and impressed hearing this. What can you call this…Determination? Interest? Achievement? Dream? What is it? I will not take too long to say what I am talking about!
Many of you would have read/ heard about this by now.

It is about one of the 2008 Beijing Olympic participant.
South Africa's Natalie du Toit. A swimmer, with just one leg!
Du Toit lost her left leg in a motorcycle accident in 2001, a year after narrowly failing to qualify for the Sydney Games. Her leg was amputated at the knee after it began to turn gangrenous. She was back in the water three months later and 2008 Olympic 10km race was the culmination of her life-long dream to compete at the Olympics.

Du Toit made history as the first amputee to compete at the Olympic Games, finishing 16th in a field of 25. Hats off Natalie!

If only all of us work hard towards fulfilling our dreams….it's always sunshine in our lives.
Though i have always had the following in life, I laid a strong concrete foundation of these in myself truly inspired by Natalie!

Some people have big dreams and some people have small dreams. If you want to change who you are, begin by changing the size of your dreams.

Hard work,...
You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it come true. You may have to work hard for it, however.

Determination gives us the resolve to keep going in spite of the roadblocks that lay before us.

Our greatest glory consists not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.

So..."Mind is all that counts. We can be whatever we make up our mind to be".

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Not sure, how many of you have heard this saying "seivathai thiruntha sei" (it's in tamil, and it means whatever you do, do it perfectly). A lesson my dad taught me when I could understand what it means! I still remember the day I got a gift from him with this saying on top of the gift! (yes, of course, the gift was a price for doing something perfectly)

And I always work my level best to stick to this word! I try to do even the smallest of small task in a perfect way. We may all think if it is possible in this fast moving Jet speed life!

I would say, we cannot even comment on this without trying. How will we know if a thing is possible or not without trying our hands on it! And beleive me, this phrase will bring you a great amount of pride and contentness if you follow it.

You may lose some time trying to do something perfectly! It may take more energy! It might be a little more strenuous!

But the result of Just doing a task and doing it perfectly has a ton of difference! Try it, and the fruitful result will certainly be treassured in all days to come!

Thanks to my dad, I look forward to doing things in a perfect way!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Many a times we utter the word “Boredom”. Does this actually exist? Yes, it does, will be the reply from many minds, but the fact is, we create it! It is self-creation.
I write this today, because I was about to be hit by this feeling! But I did not let it happen, I started writing this.

It’s a very fine line! How I keep myself occupied is the solution for boredom.

How can we get bored when we do something what we like to do? If we don’t like doing something, then what’s the point in doing it?

So I always try to do what I like, and in my own way, and if in case we have to do something not desirous without a choice, then take time to accept the fact and start liking it. Make it the way the chore was created for you, and that no one else can do it in a better way!
And can there be anyone with out liking ANYTHING?
We cannot have a frown, for any single thing we do in life. We should learn from every single minute of Life!

Life has tremendous amount of opportunities, options, way outs, what not….to choose from. Grab some of your taste, choice, interest and take the word Boredom out of your way, life, mind and heart.

I certainly believe in this “Enjoy doing even the smallest of small chore, be it work, be it social, be it personal, be it house hold…anything…any field. Give life to every minute you come cross, Basically LIVE LIFE; don’t just let it move on” [though my own thoughts ;-)]!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


The one thing that has fascinated me right from my childhood till date is “colors”. Do we ever have the time to enjoy the different hues of colors we come across every day. Nature has abundant amount of colors in every molecule!

What comes to your mind when you say “colors”? No one can, not think of Flowers!

Ahhhhh…..the colors in flowers…I just don’t have a suitable word to explain the feeling of serenity I get when I see a colorful flower!

I happened to go to Sara P Duke Gardens – one in NC, and I was awestruck by the scene of the flowers, trees, woods….oh…nature at its best!
It’s a happy sense of life you get when you see a beautiful deep colored flower as you walk by. Imagine you are amidst tons of tulips; you certainly will forget everything and just admire it.

I managed to click some to capture the memories in picture; they remain fresh in my mind always!