Thursday, August 14, 2008


Many a times we utter the word “Boredom”. Does this actually exist? Yes, it does, will be the reply from many minds, but the fact is, we create it! It is self-creation.
I write this today, because I was about to be hit by this feeling! But I did not let it happen, I started writing this.

It’s a very fine line! How I keep myself occupied is the solution for boredom.

How can we get bored when we do something what we like to do? If we don’t like doing something, then what’s the point in doing it?

So I always try to do what I like, and in my own way, and if in case we have to do something not desirous without a choice, then take time to accept the fact and start liking it. Make it the way the chore was created for you, and that no one else can do it in a better way!
And can there be anyone with out liking ANYTHING?
We cannot have a frown, for any single thing we do in life. We should learn from every single minute of Life!

Life has tremendous amount of opportunities, options, way outs, what not….to choose from. Grab some of your taste, choice, interest and take the word Boredom out of your way, life, mind and heart.

I certainly believe in this “Enjoy doing even the smallest of small chore, be it work, be it social, be it personal, be it house hold…anything…any field. Give life to every minute you come cross, Basically LIVE LIFE; don’t just let it move on” [though my own thoughts ;-)]!

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Shree Vidhya said...

Very true.. Boredom is something that anyone lets occupy them.. One has million opportunities to keep this away from oneself..