Monday, July 5, 2010

I am so happy....

Hi All,

I am so so glad, reason - I took part in the travel photo contest by blogadda, and though i did not win it, my name was mentioned in the results page!!
You can see the results here
I am really happy, sure a big encouragement!

Ashu who publishes photos here was the judge!
I, personally am a great fan of her pictures, and want to really appreciate her efforts in going through so many entries, it is not an easy job!

Hopefully I'll start blogging more for my page here and needless to say, take many more pictures for my page here as well soon!!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Feel of the places through my lens...

Hi everybody,

I am doing something like this, for the very first time!! But Pretty excited about getting such an opportunity.
I am talking about the Travel photo contest by Blogadda in association with Pringoo.
Here you go...My 5 photographs for the contest!

1. With each sunrise, we start anew...

This was captured on a bright Sunny morning, in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, just when the Sun popped up. It was as refreshing as it could be, the colors and the grandeur of the ocean made it a life time experience.

2. We can, if we think we can...

I captured this, when I went to Navy Pier, Chicago! Oh my, the scale of this giant wheel made me look at it amazed for quite some time! How it carries people day in and day out, people shouting out of joy and fear - is a sight of marvel!! The colors against the blue sky is a treat to the eyes!

3. In all things of nature there sure is something of the marvelous...

I still remember the day I stood in front of this place with my eyes wide open, shivering in cold, and dumbstruck by the scene in front! This is Haleakala Volcano Crater on the Island of Maui, Hawaii. You can find more about this place here.

4. Nature always wears the colors of the spirit...

Here is the true color of nature! One evening, when the sun is disappearing for the day, it sure shows its true colors! I caught this in Grand Canyon, Arizona on a peaceful evening! Sure it is a moment that will never fade away from my memories!

5. The greater difficulty, the more glory in surmounting it...

The picture and the verse go hand in hand!! This scene was shot in Maui, Hawaii! There are thousands of people who do this sport there! Watching them having fun fighting through the waves is very inspiring!

Picking out just 5 pictures from thousands has been really difficult, but given the constraint, it did give me contentment to post these.

Also with the French open in full swing, I hope Roger wins the title this time too!! So here is the image from Pringoo which has promoted Roger too!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I WANT to experience it again…

I have made a lot of trips to a lot of different places, and I have truly enjoyed every single moment of it. The sight of a new place, be it nature’s own gift or man made marvel, certainly thrills me more than anything else in this world. Not being mean of just mentioning about this experience alone, but something made me want to write about this one. One of my most recent vacation spot was “Maui – Hawaii”. There is a lot to say about the place in depth, but above all I am writing this to share my experience of an act I did there.

Looking back a little bit… I am a person who was or I’d call is very scared that I will sink in water, even in a 5’ pool. The master who taught me swimming will “acknowledge” this fact. I got the courage to learn swimming half a decade back. The master put his heart and soul to teach me the sport, at the risk of his own life!! yes, you are right, I have tried sinking him into water as well in the pool!! Finally I managed to learn it, but with NO confidence. A couple of years passed, and I lost a little bit of touch with swimming, and last summer wanted to do a crash course again, along with my husband this time! So did the course again, and if you think I got confidence now, you ‘re terribly wrong. Everyone said I swim so well, but I have this mind block in me I guess. Now I can swim – Yes, but confidence is what is still lacking.

Coming back to the story, Am sure everyone would have come across the word “snorkeling”. If not all about the word is in here

Yes I did this in Maui....And I sincerely hope I would be able to do it again if not in Hawaii, anywhere else in the world. Here goes my experience…
We left from the resort one day before sunrise, little before 6 AM, for a half day cruise, and a snorkeling expedition. I was all scared as well as excited inside; I’d heard from my friends that it has been one of their best experiences and all stories affiliated to their experiences! But only I knew how scared I was inside,you know, swimming in 7’ pool was a major achievement for me, and I was sure I do not have the guts to even dream of anything more than that. But still wanted to try snorkeling. Now we board the boat, have a nice hearty breakfast, and then cruise away from the harbor, almost to the middle of the OCEAN, there I am enjoying the awesome nature, to hearts content, and suddenly truth sinks!
The boat is anchored, and everyone gets ready with the snorkeling gears. Now I am damn scared to do this, my husband fully encouraging me, I get into the ocean behind him! 5 minutes passed with me struggling to adjust to the cold water (the coldest I’ve ever sensed) and the waves and the gear, too much to handle I thought. And then the first time I put my head into the PACIFIC and saw below, WHAAAAAA….. IT WAS AN UNFORGETTABLE MOMENT IN MY LIFE!
An entirely different world inside the ocean, the colors inside, the ground of the ocean, OH MY…the fishes running here and there, was a truly awesome experience. I just did not care what was happening outside, for the next may be 5 minutes. Then had to put my head out due to complications with the goggles. I got out of the water adjusted it, and fought a little with the waves, and then I was all comfortable with a floating pad, my lack of confidence did not leave me, so had it in case I sink u know! Again put my head down to explore a little more, and after say 20-25 mins, I had lost my energy, so got into the boat, and then jumped in again after 10 mins. This time, I was more experienced, went some more distance and I could not believe my eyes as to what I was seeing. Every single moment was a marvel. I though how nice it would be If I could live in there for some days, seeing those wonderful tiny colorful fishes swim with so much of grace. The water was crystal clear, the floor of the ocean was some 100’ below, but still could see it, no dirt, and no pollution. It was so clean and clear. After staying in there for another 20-25 mins, I got out with no mind to do so, but I’d lost all my strength in the waves which was becoming bigger and bigger. I was so glad that I did it finally and I sat there with my legs still in water for 5 more minutes, not able to believe what I had gone through with a big smile and then everyone had to get in, and we had to depart from that place. I was dumbstruck for a couple of minutes with the experience I’d had!

Now,those of you who have gone through this experience, am sure will want to do it again in life, just the way I want to. But those of you who have not yet tried this, Please do, you will certainly enjoy. It is a different world inside the ocean. Not to forget 70% of the earth is that, so you certainly want to know how it looks, I promise you will not repent.

This sure is something that I want to repeat in life. Looks like my confidence level has gone up a considerable amount, I wholeheartedly hope it is true and that my courage stays as part of me forever but I really cannot make out until I jump into the pool again:-):-)

Monday, March 23, 2009

I am tagged...(First time)

Thanks Nancy for tagging me:-)
Here goes the longgggg list!
Have fun!

1. What's your name→ Durga
2. Nicknames→ not really any now.
4. Zodiac sign → Aries
5. Male or female or transgendered → Female
6. Elementary→ Heeeee.....St.Joseph’s school Trichy
7. Schools → St. Johns Vestry, St.Josephs A.I.G.H.S.S, Vailankanni Raj, Trichy
8. Colleges → Thiagarajar college of engineering, Madurai
9. Height → 5'2”
10. Hair color → Black
11. Long or short → not too long
12. Do you have a crush on someone? → I guess my husband still..
13: Ever been in love? Of course lots, whats life without love!
14. Piercings → ears pierced, love earrings!
15. Tattoos → Nope!
16. Righty or lefty → Right mostly, but left on and off when cooking...

17. First piercing → Ears, When I was 1.
18. First best friends →Anu & Sharmila
19. First sport you joined→ May be in school sports day.
20. First pet → Not had one at home, but neighbors yes.21. First vacation → to my knowledge Dad’s village
22. First concert → hahah, no idea.
23. First crush → When in school I guess.
24. Eating → anytime I feel like;-)
25. Drinking → Not getting a liking to it still.
26. I'm about to → clean up my home…it’s hightime I did it
27. Listening to → Hits of ARR

28. Last beverage → Coffee!
29. Last phone call → last night to a friend of mine
30. Last text message → Not a fan of it!
31. Last song you listened to → Jodha akbar!
32. Last time you cried → when I walked out of my office last week!

33. Dated someone twice → Nope
34. Been cheated on? → Yes!
35. Kissed someone & regretted it? → I guess Yes will be true!
36. Lost someone special? → MY MOM
37. Been depressed?→ Oh Yes last questions answer will tell you
38. Been drunk and threw up? → Nope

39. Made new friends → Yes lots of late
40. Fallen out of love → Not really
41. Laughed until you cried → N number of times
42. Met someone who changed you → No
43. Found out who your true friends were → I feel it’s a very tought thing to do!
44. Found out someone was talking about you → Yes, I feel real bad
45. Kissed anyone on your friend's list → Yes
46. Made the first Move → Yes, quite a lot of times.
47. Do you have any pets → Not yet!
48. Do you want to change your name → Not at all
49. What did you do for your last birthday → cut 3 cakes, got a precious gift, had fun time with friends
50. What time did you wake up today – 07.00 AM
51. What were you doing at midnight last night→ Was browsing about my next vacation spot!
52. Name something you CANNOT wait for → meeting my nephews and dad in a months time.
53. Last time you saw your father → June 2007!
54. What is the one thing you wish you could change about your life → Become more organized
55. Most visited webpage → My public photo page in flickr, and lot of blog pages I read daily56.Bribed someone? → Nope
57.Played with dolphins? → Yes in sea world

58. Want kids? → Yes for sure
59. Want to get married ? → haha, should ask my husband
60. Careers in mind? → One ond only architecture
61. Settling in a Big Villa? → If I get a chance, yes
62. Day or night? → Day
63. What day is tomorrow? → Tuesday.
64. Challenges? → Love them.
65. Drive with windows up or down? → up
66. Scared of Death? → Yes.
67. Cook or Clean? → both simultaneously
68. Lips or eyes → I make up both lips and eyes
69. Hugs or kisses → hugs.
70. Shorter or taller → Taller…am shortL
71. Older or Younger → Younger.
72. Romantic or spontaneous → Spontaneous.
73. Nice stomach or nice arms → I’ll go with nice stomach
74. Sensitive or loud → mmmm…both
75. Hook-up or relationship → means?
77. Trouble maker or hesitant → of course trouble maker;-).

78. Kissed a stranger → Nope
79. Lost glasses/contacts → lost my sun glasses:-(
80. Found money on the road → Yes lot of times.
81. Sex on first date → No wayssss
82. Broken someone's heart → never to my consciousness
83. Had your own heart broken → nope
84. Held a snake? → oh no ways.
85. Been arrested → Nope..
86. Turned someone down → Yes
87. Cried when someone died → YES buckets
88. Liked a friend that is a girl/boy? → Yes

89. Yourself → yes I do
90. Miracles → Happens sometimes
91. Love at first sight → Nope
92. Heaven → Full of flowers and smoke
93. Santa Clause → Love santa
94. Peace in this lifetime → I just hope it’s peace everywhere
95. Kissing on the first date? → nope
96. Angels → white dress with wings….sometime I do beleive
97. Is there one person you want to be with right now? → yes
98. Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time in the past? → nope…
99. You will die Young → may be who knows…
100. You will end with the one you love and learn to love the one you are with – second one!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Not sure, how many of you all have come across this phrase “Recession Resistant”. Today was the first time I heard this. I was listening to the radio today morning as I was driving, and there was this advertisement for a franchise business that we could take up that would be Recession Resistant.

Gosh!!! For the past 4 months the words that has been very common is Recession, crisis & economy. What truly happened that it has come to this stage is a mystery. But it is true common man is genuinely affected. At least 3-4 people known to me have been laid off from work, and are in deep trouble. What could have gone wrong in their lives?? Losing a job is not a good feel, you become unstable, thoughts wander, lot of criticism happens, and lots more to go through. Do they have any control…No, it is mere misfortune.

All the fields of profession have been badly infected… real estate, IT, architecture, retail, construction, etc. The government has no enough money neither does people to come out of this quickly. When will those good old busy days come back!

Can this be a solution? Can these “recession resistant” options be an outlet for the affected? Can there be something that is recession resistant amidst this crisis? It is not as simple as water resistant stuff or termite resistant stuff to take it up and test it. Are these marketing agencies making use of the bad situation to their own benefit? Will affected people take it up and succeed (or add to their sufferance)?

How well it will be if each of the affected ones has a Recession Resistant option outlet!!

I Hope and pray for the same and Wish all the people affected a speedy recovery and all the rest to play it safe and have handy “recession resistant” solutions (if at all there are any)!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Right from my childhood, I have not been a very big fan of any sport. I used to watch cricket, on and off, only One day matches, as I cannot sit through an entire test match or series, but I am always curious to know the results. Apart from this Olympics, tennis, gymnastics and car racings have always inspired me. But I have never had the passion to keep a track of any of these sports.

Not too long ago, my interest factor changed. I started watching Tennis, regularly, keeping track of everything happening in the sport, following them closely, and finally fell in love with the sport. Needless to say, I am so very much amazed at the energy level every single player has, in every single shot. But for tennis, I am slowly and steadily getting pulled into watching basketball, American Football, and soccer also. Thanks to my better half, a sports fanatic, for marketing these into my life!

I started writing this blog, minutes after I finished watching the Australian open 2009. Oh Man….. I woke up at 3.30 AM to experience the live telecast of the finals past two days (not to forget, it’s Saturday morning and Sunday morning), on a usual day, I can call this time midnight!!!
The women’s finals did not even last for an hour, it was so pre written that Serena wins it. Not a thrilling match, so one sided. The men’s finals, I have no words to explain this experience. Two BIGTIME players, hitting every single ball they face, with energy, determination, dream, hope, rage, etc..Nadal, No. 1 in the world today, and Federer, No.1 till a few months back, but King of this sport. I still am a very big fan of Roger, and I like Rafael too very much, for all the shots he plays. And first time in history a Spaniard won the Aussie open, such a proud moment. But I sincerely wanted Roger to take this and come in par with Pete Sampras's records. Though it did not happen, it sure was a treat to my eyes, for 4 full hours, following them closely, getting disappointed, cheering, getting emotional, and all sorts of mixed things. Wow…what a match it was…
And another proud moment for India too, Sania and Bhupathi won the mixed doubles. I am so happy!!
I just hope and pray that I get to go for a grand slam in person, to get the feel of it, to be a part of it, and keep it in my memories forever in life!

I am so glad I fell for this sport in particular. Now, be it any sport, the amount of time and dedication, and practice and energy spent by every sing player, is no match to any word. They bring so much of pride to their country, to their family, to their fans. They sure are very inspirational in so many ways.
Long live Sports!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Some sweet memories...on my fridge..inspired by Preethi's blog.
I love travelling and have this habit of collecting souveniers ....mostly magnets as this is one of a good innovation and easy to maintain. Each magnet on my fridge has stories, sweet memories, small incidents, and lots hidden in them. Whenever i see it, it takes me back to those places, small wonders of this world.
This is the story my fridge tells...