Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Not sure, how many of you all have come across this phrase “Recession Resistant”. Today was the first time I heard this. I was listening to the radio today morning as I was driving, and there was this advertisement for a franchise business that we could take up that would be Recession Resistant.

Gosh!!! For the past 4 months the words that has been very common is Recession, crisis & economy. What truly happened that it has come to this stage is a mystery. But it is true common man is genuinely affected. At least 3-4 people known to me have been laid off from work, and are in deep trouble. What could have gone wrong in their lives?? Losing a job is not a good feel, you become unstable, thoughts wander, lot of criticism happens, and lots more to go through. Do they have any control…No, it is mere misfortune.

All the fields of profession have been badly infected… real estate, IT, architecture, retail, construction, etc. The government has no enough money neither does people to come out of this quickly. When will those good old busy days come back!

Can this be a solution? Can these “recession resistant” options be an outlet for the affected? Can there be something that is recession resistant amidst this crisis? It is not as simple as water resistant stuff or termite resistant stuff to take it up and test it. Are these marketing agencies making use of the bad situation to their own benefit? Will affected people take it up and succeed (or add to their sufferance)?

How well it will be if each of the affected ones has a Recession Resistant option outlet!!

I Hope and pray for the same and Wish all the people affected a speedy recovery and all the rest to play it safe and have handy “recession resistant” solutions (if at all there are any)!!


Shri said...

Yeah...Recession situation is bad...but there is skight hope as the phase seems to be moving out...

as they say in economic terms...there's always a boom after every recession period....lets hope for the best...

Reflections said...

Hadnt hrd the term till today.
Thank U for enlightening:-).

And U r tagged:-D!!!!!!!!

durga said...

WOhooooo...i am tagged:-)
Done with the list!!