Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Not sure, how many of you have heard this saying "seivathai thiruntha sei" (it's in tamil, and it means whatever you do, do it perfectly). A lesson my dad taught me when I could understand what it means! I still remember the day I got a gift from him with this saying on top of the gift! (yes, of course, the gift was a price for doing something perfectly)

And I always work my level best to stick to this word! I try to do even the smallest of small task in a perfect way. We may all think if it is possible in this fast moving Jet speed life!

I would say, we cannot even comment on this without trying. How will we know if a thing is possible or not without trying our hands on it! And beleive me, this phrase will bring you a great amount of pride and contentness if you follow it.

You may lose some time trying to do something perfectly! It may take more energy! It might be a little more strenuous!

But the result of Just doing a task and doing it perfectly has a ton of difference! Try it, and the fruitful result will certainly be treassured in all days to come!

Thanks to my dad, I look forward to doing things in a perfect way!

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Akila said...

Great thoughts!!continue to blog..though these happen in our day to day life we dont even think deep about this only when others set an influence like this thru blogs.Great going!!keep it up!!