Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I WANT to experience it again…

I have made a lot of trips to a lot of different places, and I have truly enjoyed every single moment of it. The sight of a new place, be it nature’s own gift or man made marvel, certainly thrills me more than anything else in this world. Not being mean of just mentioning about this experience alone, but something made me want to write about this one. One of my most recent vacation spot was “Maui – Hawaii”. There is a lot to say about the place in depth, but above all I am writing this to share my experience of an act I did there.

Looking back a little bit… I am a person who was or I’d call is very scared that I will sink in water, even in a 5’ pool. The master who taught me swimming will “acknowledge” this fact. I got the courage to learn swimming half a decade back. The master put his heart and soul to teach me the sport, at the risk of his own life!! yes, you are right, I have tried sinking him into water as well in the pool!! Finally I managed to learn it, but with NO confidence. A couple of years passed, and I lost a little bit of touch with swimming, and last summer wanted to do a crash course again, along with my husband this time! So did the course again, and if you think I got confidence now, you ‘re terribly wrong. Everyone said I swim so well, but I have this mind block in me I guess. Now I can swim – Yes, but confidence is what is still lacking.

Coming back to the story, Am sure everyone would have come across the word “snorkeling”. If not all about the word is in here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snorkeling

Yes I did this in Maui....And I sincerely hope I would be able to do it again if not in Hawaii, anywhere else in the world. Here goes my experience…
We left from the resort one day before sunrise, little before 6 AM, for a half day cruise, and a snorkeling expedition. I was all scared as well as excited inside; I’d heard from my friends that it has been one of their best experiences and all stories affiliated to their experiences! But only I knew how scared I was inside,you know, swimming in 7’ pool was a major achievement for me, and I was sure I do not have the guts to even dream of anything more than that. But still wanted to try snorkeling. Now we board the boat, have a nice hearty breakfast, and then cruise away from the harbor, almost to the middle of the OCEAN, there I am enjoying the awesome nature, to hearts content, and suddenly truth sinks!
The boat is anchored, and everyone gets ready with the snorkeling gears. Now I am damn scared to do this, my husband fully encouraging me, I get into the ocean behind him! 5 minutes passed with me struggling to adjust to the cold water (the coldest I’ve ever sensed) and the waves and the gear, too much to handle I thought. And then the first time I put my head into the PACIFIC and saw below, WHAAAAAA….. IT WAS AN UNFORGETTABLE MOMENT IN MY LIFE!
An entirely different world inside the ocean, the colors inside, the ground of the ocean, OH MY…the fishes running here and there, was a truly awesome experience. I just did not care what was happening outside, for the next may be 5 minutes. Then had to put my head out due to complications with the goggles. I got out of the water adjusted it, and fought a little with the waves, and then I was all comfortable with a floating pad, my lack of confidence did not leave me, so had it in case I sink u know! Again put my head down to explore a little more, and after say 20-25 mins, I had lost my energy, so got into the boat, and then jumped in again after 10 mins. This time, I was more experienced, went some more distance and I could not believe my eyes as to what I was seeing. Every single moment was a marvel. I though how nice it would be If I could live in there for some days, seeing those wonderful tiny colorful fishes swim with so much of grace. The water was crystal clear, the floor of the ocean was some 100’ below, but still could see it, no dirt, and no pollution. It was so clean and clear. After staying in there for another 20-25 mins, I got out with no mind to do so, but I’d lost all my strength in the waves which was becoming bigger and bigger. I was so glad that I did it finally and I sat there with my legs still in water for 5 more minutes, not able to believe what I had gone through with a big smile and then everyone had to get in, and we had to depart from that place. I was dumbstruck for a couple of minutes with the experience I’d had!

Now,those of you who have gone through this experience, am sure will want to do it again in life, just the way I want to. But those of you who have not yet tried this, Please do, you will certainly enjoy. It is a different world inside the ocean. Not to forget 70% of the earth is that, so you certainly want to know how it looks, I promise you will not repent.

This sure is something that I want to repeat in life. Looks like my confidence level has gone up a considerable amount, I wholeheartedly hope it is true and that my courage stays as part of me forever but I really cannot make out until I jump into the pool again:-):-)


Reflections said...

A lovely account of ur wonderful experience Durga. I was with u every step of the way in the water, drinking in ur experiences.

I too am quite scared of the sea & whts more dont knw swimming. But snorkelling & climbing a mountain[atleast a hill] are a few of my dreams:-))

Preeti Shenoy said...

Wow--what a lovely experience..and remarkable for someone who got over her fear of swimming.
Had visited Lakshadweep and could totally relate to a different world under the ocean.
Would have been great if u had posted pics too.

நித்யகுமாரன் said...


நல்லா இருக்கீங்கன்னு உங்க ப்ளாக் சொல்லுது. என்ன ஒரு அனுபவம். தமிழ் படத்துல கதாநாயகனும் கதாநாயகியும் ஒரு பாட்டுல இந்த மாதிரி போய்ட்டு வருவாங்க. தெகிரியமா கடல் பாத்துட்டு வந்திருக்கீங்க. வாழ்த்துக்கள். இங்க சென்னையில அடிக்கிற வெயிலுக்கு கடலை கரையில இருந்து பாக்கிறதே சந்தோஷமா இருக்கு... உள்ளபோயி பாத்தா ரொம்ப நல்லா இருக்குமே.

நல்ல அனுபவம். நல்ல எழுத்து

அன்புடன் செந்தில்

durga said...

@Reflections: Cool, you should do both when you get a chance for sure!! You'll love it!
@Preeti: Thanks for your visit! I am so glad! Yes will try n post some pics in future!
@Nithyakumaran: Nandri!

Reflections said...


No updates????

Shri said...

A very nice and expressive blog article.. your article doused me into the world of imagination and I felt as if I had dipped in water... although I have never done snorkelling.. but you sure made me experience the beautiful feeling through our eyes.. thanks a lot.. keep blogging.. keep up the good work..

Reflections said...

U do realise its been a yr since u stopped blogging dont u;-/